Guys we’ve been really really busy lately. We don’t feel that we actually have to explain the details of our business to you. You should just know that we have REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS ON OUR PLATES.

You know, like this (which is a direct quote of a recent editorial discussion with Eric R. Danton):

SUBJECT: dantonsignmennt? JWG
Abby to Meghan. JAN 13
Can he explain to me how I can possibly have a crush on Kanye West after listening to his douchebag song?
Abby is not available to chat

Reply:  Meghan to Abby.  JAN 13
I think that is an ideal dantonassignment.

I, too, crush on Kanye. Must be a jerk thing.

Reply: Meghan to Abby.  JAN 13

Reply:  Abby to Meghan.  JAN 13
He raised a glass to us!

Reply:  Abby to Meghan.  JAN 13
You tell ’em.

Reply: Meghan to Eric.  JAN 13
See below.
– Show quoted text –
Eric is not available to chat

Reply:  Abby to Meghan.  JAN 13
while you’re at it: Tell danton.

Reply:  Meghan to Abby.  JAN 13
Did it.

Reply:  Abby to Meghan.  JAN 13
deadline: now. This is important stuff.

Reply:  Eric Danton to Meghan, Abby.  JAN 13
I’ve been waiting for this moment.

It’s Kanye’s mix of self-deprecation and massive, overweening ego that stirs your respective loins. He calls forth in you a primal response: “Wow, this normally arrogant-as-hell person is showing a moment of vulnerability and confirming what we all suspected: he is a douchebag. I must tend to him like a slutty model playing the role of a naked mythological mother-bird.”

You’re welcome, obviously.



~ by likebadlovesongs on February 1, 2011.


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