Board of Directors

Our Board is more awesome than yours.

Chair: randyhate

Vice Chair: sjlz

Treasurer: TheEyeofTim

Secretary: Libliz

Twitter committee chair: EllaMay

Contributing writer AND board member (that’s right, you have to work for your title): erdanton

West Coast Representative: thisbrokenwheel

Honorary non-glasses wearing jerk: Rahm Emmanuel


7 Responses to “Board of Directors”

  1. You guys are the biggest jerks. Ever.

    Nice glasses, though.


  3. […] This is the Vice Chair of our Board of Directors. […]

  4. What the–?! How did @EllaMay get on your board and I didn’t?!? I’m a bigger jerk! Tossers!

  5. […] have friends who TAKE OUT THEIR GUITARS WHEN YOU’RE IN THE ROOM?  Yeah.  That’s our board guy.  And it got me thinking – the other night when he did this – what is the […]

  6. I had no idea I was on this elite list. Have I missed meetings? Should I submit my tax records?

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