A Further Installment in a Proposed Taxonomy: The Perplexingly Anachronistic Edition

It occurred to me the other night while I was making truly enlightened podcasts about ROCK with these guys, that there’s another element of our glasses taxonomy we should discuss.

You know how sometimes you have friends who TAKE OUT THEIR GUITARS WHEN YOU’RE IN THE ROOM?  Yeah.  That’s our board guy.  And it got me thinking – the other night when he did this – what is the quintessential rock-related jerk frame?

Now, you might suggest I shouldn't give this kid such a hard time, that it's too easy, that everyone does it. But, no. I'm sorry. Did you see what he put on his FACE? What kind of a douchekid does that?

What decade do you think it is, little man?  Do you think you’re in bed with that lady and not on a movie set?  (Okay, so it looks a little like a movie set in that Hilton room.  But: NOT EXCUSED.)

I think this gets at something fundamental in our taxonomy: under certain circumstances glasses are bound to be iconic.  They’re often the first thing that people see on your face.  You remember them from fleeting glances.  Now, frames we’ve seen in photographs that have been reproduced ad nauseum get fixed in our cultural consciousness.

So, when those frames show up most often on the face of someone who was arguably – if you’re not Eric R. Danton – one of the most popular songwriters of our time, who made his private life public for causes, who was – you know – assassinated, don’t you think maybe you should think twice before casting yourself in his mold?

It’s a kind of self-indulgent, grandiose anachronism that we here at JWG can’t stand.

There’s maybe one person who can get away with it:

Okay, he's allowed, but really, it makes us feel a little creepy that he does it.

But other than Sean Lennon, who the hell does that?

Sure am forcing her to listen to me read Dickens aloud. Not a jerkmove AT ALL.


~ by likebadlovesongs on May 21, 2010.

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