Photoshop contest: put glasses on this jerk.

We have a problem.

Do you really go out of the house like that?

This is the Vice Chair of our Board of Directors.


Believe it or not, she wears glasses, but has chosen to use THIS ABOMINATION as her twitter icon. We think this is wrong in so many ways, and we’d like you to fix it now.

Please bespectacle this young lady.

At her request, there are bonus points if you can not only add glasses, but also adjust her skin tone from “extreme sickly pallor” to “she has a natural glow about her.”

Send all submissions to jerkswithglasses at gmail dot com, and we’ll post the best ones.

Please hurry. We’re worried that she’s considering defecting to contact lenses.


~ by jerkswithglasses on January 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Photoshop contest: put glasses on this jerk.”

  1. pshaw, guys. i’d never leave the house without my glasses. this was taken in my kitchen.

    though i may have gone out in that hooded sweatshirt. like every day for a week. over the holidays. maybe even on Christmas. and it may still have mustard stains.

  2. […] with glasses (and photoshop) So, we’re having a contest. Actually, we’re having TWO […]

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