CALL FOR PROPOSALS: The best thing that will ever happen in all time EVER

We here at JWG big fans of this song. Take a gander.

We don’t know what the first thing is YOU think of when you hear that song, but for us it went like this:
MEGHAN: “Doesn’t this sound like the best video game of your DREAMS?”
ABBY: “Yeah.”
MEGHAN: “And all the characters would go around the video game world like this?” [dances in chair]
ABBY: “It’s the Jerks With Glasses game. Let’s put out a CFP.”

And so:

Jerks With Glasses seeks proposals for a video game themed around the general snarkiness, jerkdom, and spectacle-wearing activities of Jerks With Glasses and its Board of Directors.

Proposed games must:
– prominently incorporate “Golden Phone” by Micachu and the Shapes
– include characters that dance like Meghan
– feature copious juxtapositions and other surprising combinations of incongruent elements (the more jarring the better, obviously)
– be detrimental to participants’ eyesight (see our banner image, jerks)

– a video game, duh
– more people wearing glasses
– increased influence over public policy, international treaties, and the construction of cultural modes of production

Submit proposals to jerkswithglasses [at symbol] by Sunday, January 31, 2010.  Proposals should include:

  1. Your name and contact info
  2. A brief bio
  3. A work sample
  4. A narrative describing the proposed game
  5. A timeline for production
  6. Images representing the general aesthetic of the proposed game
  7. A budget (HA!  Hahahahaha!  Come on, you’re doing this for free…)

~ by likebadlovesongs on December 16, 2009.

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