Weekly-ish Jerk-Poll, the Pain Edition


~ by likebadlovesongs on December 8, 2009.

9 Responses to “Weekly-ish Jerk-Poll, the Pain Edition”

  1. A note. I read, at an impressionable age, that Jackie O. (who was in possession of MAJOR #ladyskills) never adjusted her clothes or hair, rubbed her eyes, yawned, or scratched an itch in public.

    It left a mark.

  2. (g) All of the above

    I used to use contacts for sporty stuff like snowboarding and big bike rides, so I got through a month’s supply of 30 in a year or so.

    • When I first got them, my eyes were bad enough and astigmatismy enough that I couldn’t get disposables. It was really hard to decide what to do about swimming. I was a distance swimmer – so long hours in the pool. Once chlorinated water gets on them they’re donefor. And it wasn’t my money I was throwing away.

      So, basically, I swam blind.

      I hit my head on the turns SO OFTEN.

  3. Did I ever tell you how I wore a contact lens AND glasses as a child? My left eye is lazy & my eye doc thought this combination would help. It didn’t – and he was a real jerk with glasses too. And how angry my mom when I rubbed my eye(very un-Jackie-O-like) the first night I had it & the lens was lost in the dining room rug forever.
    So, yeah, I’m never abandoning my specs.

    • I always loved in ’80s tv shows how people would constantly be on their hands and knees looking for the things.

      So. I would have been your fan for that.

    • AND I think we all know how I feel about my eye doctor. He should have been around my whole life.

  4. I cannot… cannot put my finger in my eye. I tear up too easily as soon as my finger even approaches – and once I get them in, they float away on rivers of tear. And by too easily I mean that I cry at thoughts of things that could make me cry, and imagine back stories for every single animal I see on the side of the road. like the poor little foxes that will never see their mommy again. Excuse me. I need to get a Kleenex.

    • It’s okay, dear. I’m a crier, too. Some of us our just that way. It doesn’t make us less jerky, though. Don’t fret.

  5. contact lenses = the devil

    just say no to that shit!

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