JWG Advice for Weathering the Recession

Listen, guys. I know that Ben Bernanke has been suggesting that the recession is at its end, but I don’t buy it.  And I think you need to know how to get through this thing unscathed.

I have some advice for you:  economize.  Buy a monocle.  They take up less space.  You don’t need a bulky case to keep them in.  They’re just a rimmed lens and therefore require less engineering than spectacles, with their springed hinges.  They require less cleaning fluid.

And, really, don’t worry.  You won’t look too bourgeois.  I promise.  It’ll be like suntans in reverse.  Get it?

And, just think, if things pick up for you, you can always buy another monocle and have these:

Conspicuous consumption.

Conspicuous consumption.


~ by likebadlovesongs on October 15, 2009.

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