Glasses Could Save Your Life

Guys. Listen. If you’re anything at all like me you worry pretty regularly about things that might pierce your eyeballs and leave you eyeless.

I have a single-eyed cat. I think about these things. They’re real.

Always looking like shes waiting for me to get a really obvious joke.

Always looking like she's waiting for me to get a really obvious joke.

This week’s poll asks you to ponder the things most likely to leave me eyeless. Have at it. Comment on the post to list other things I should be worrying about but am not currently.


~ by likebadlovesongs on October 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Glasses Could Save Your Life”

  1. My sister had a 1 eyed cat. His name was Blinky.

    • Good name.

      I am quite partial to one-eyed cats now. Although, don’t tell Penelope, but I was considering adopting another one-eyed cat in her stead, but that cat was a real jerk, which, come to think of it, would have been perfect.

      I’m an ass.

  2. for years, i have seriously been petrified of welders. for one thing, they have dangerous blow torch things that they use to heat pipes and use solder and some such things that make sparks. additionally – and more importantly, perhaps – welders wear glasses.

    and at least a few of them are jerks. i could also see them (through protective covering of my glasses) attempting to make more one eyed cats/humans/librarians in the world.

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